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Jewelry Technition opportunities and wages?


I am considering going to the Revere Academy to take their Jewelry
Technition Intensive course, the Bench Test prep and the JA
Certificate Testing. The course fee’s, tool kit and accommodation
will cost me around 12,000 Canadian minimum.

I am wondering what sort of job opportunities might await me in
western Canada and what wages I could expect if I am certified? I
want to know this so I can find out how long it will take me to earn
back the cost of the schooling. Would I be able to open my own
repair shop in Alberta with the JA credentials alone?

Thanks for your help



In my personal Canadian opinion, if you’re going to open up your own
shop with J/A credentials…It won’t help your clients, but it sure
will give you a great head start on how to do your own manufacturing.
Experience with learning from Revere is a great route to take, do
it!.. fantastic!

It, “J/A”, might not help you up here in Canada in looking for
employment, few know about it, pity! These shops dont know what they
are missing. It sure separates the men/women from the
boys/gals!..Lotsa money, but the return in knowing how to do
something CORRECTLY, is worth the “gelt” ->money! You can’t put
dollar signs to that!..“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”


Have you talked to Charles Lewton-Brain or Dee at Alberta Institute
of Art and Design about a school in Canada? Have you checked out
Sheridan in Ontario? Have you talked to local jewelry repair shop
owners to find out what their path was and what accreditations they
have and how profitable their businesses are?

I’ve just finished a course (not jewelry related) where I had to
travel and rent accommodation in the US. Even though I live in the
US now, I found it much more expensive than I thought it would be to
go away to school. On the other hand, you could wait six months and
with the Canadian dollar going up and the US heading into long term
ruin, it may cost less than you have budgeted for :slight_smile: