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Jewelry supply in Australia/Canada


Are there any jewelry suppliers in Australia or Canada? I’m
familiar with some in the US - Rio, Tripp’s, Stuller. Thanks!

Frank Romano


90 Thorncliff Park Drive
Toronto, On
M4H 1N5

Kindest Regards,
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


Yes - Twin Plaza Metals, Koodak, Australian Jewellery Supplies, A &
E Metal Merchants, and quite a few more metal suppliers- this is all
I can think of at the moment…, Christine ( ps these are all in
Australia, don’t know about Canada)


Dear Frank; Not sure if you are interested in tools, gems, metals
etc., Here is one supplier of tools and a limited offering of
findings in Canada Also try this web
site for various sources in Canada Regards Richard Dubiel
Dubiel Design Studio


I’ve not yet purchased tools in Australia but in Canada my prefered
supplier is

Transcontinental Tool Co.
21 Dundas Square suite 605

Jeff Demand
Jewellery Modeling Solutions