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Jewelry Shows

Is there a place where I can find the listings of all of the jewelry
show that are here in the states? I am interested in going to
several shows this season, but a not sure where to start to find the
on the location and times of the various show. Thank you
for your assistance in this matter.

Mary Clark

Mary, What type of shows did you have in mind? AJM magazine publishes
a calendar of trade shows every December, featuring primarily trade
shows of interest to jewelry manufacturers and professional jewelry
designers, such as JCK and JA, although you’ll also find such
wholesale craft shows as ACC and the Rosen Group’s shows listed as
well. (For more info about AJM, the website is Sunshine Artist features an extensive
listings of art and craft shows, as well as reviews and exhibitor
feedback about selected shows (the focus is on all forms of craft,
however, not strictly jewelry)--
Lapidary Journal offers an extensive listing of rock and gem shows,
(, while Colored Stone’s calendar focuses on
gem trade shows open to the trade only ( For a
list of Tucson shows, see The Guide
is published in late January and includes a comprehensive listing of
exhibitors at the Tucson shows.

Hope that helps!
Suzanne Wade
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Dear Mary, Check our website I think that we have almost all jewelry
shows around the work, with dates and links.


Is there a place where I can find the listings of all of the
jewelry show that are here in the states?  

If you are refering to wholesale jewelry shows there is a list in
Jeweler’s Circular-Keystone of the upcoming shows in the U.S. and
around the world. Other professional jewelry magazines may have
this info too.


The listing for the trade shows for jewelry can be found in trade
magazines such as National Jeweler or JCK Magazine. There is also
a listing in Lapidary Journal which is a publication that can be
bought at Barnes and Noble.

For a listing of juried Art shows which many jewelers attend, there
is a publication called the Arts and Crafts Source Book. Their
phone number is 1800 358 2045. Their website is

There is also a website listing art fairs:

Diane Sadel

Check the calendar section in the back of Lapidary Journal, either in
the magazine or on-line I’m sure it
doesn’t have everything, but it’s a good place to start.