Jewelry shows listing magazine

for all designers sunshine artist - under $30.00 a year - email address onsite - it’s a source with shows
listed for all over the country, but emphasizes the eastern half of the country.
it’s a must for floridia artists since we have more of the top rated shows here
than any other state. every fall they have an issue listing the top 200 shows in
the country in ‘fine art’, fine craft’ & ‘traditional craft’. a single show can
earn a ranking in all 3 categories. the list is based on facts, input from
artists, etc. & entirely credible. listings for 100s of shows: dates, deadlines,
location & yrs at that site, # of spaces, attendance, fees, award money,
categories, contact 'numbers, etc. are in every issue. in addition to show listings
in every issue, there are ‘audits’ on shows in at least 35 states from
participating artists; such audits could save you a lot if they keep you away from
shows like “i wouldn’t do this show again even if they sent a free van, packed my
stuff, drove me there & gave me free room & board!” or as i personally rated one
show in the ‘would you go back to this show’ section: “i’d rather neuter an
unsedated rottwieler!” 3 other artists each offered to hold a leg when they heard
my assessment. have a nice show - ive