Jewelry Shopping Cart Software


I am looking for advise concerning shopping cart software for
selling jewelry online. I am in the process of setting up a business
to sell my jewelry. I do not have a website yet…but I want to
include shopping cart capabilities while developing the site…Does
anyone know if there is afordable software that has templates to set
up a website at the same time as including shopping cart ability?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Go Daddy has a great shopping cart program. There are 3 levels to
choose from. You only need to create a subdomain from your homepage
(or your webhost), and the rest is incredibly easy. Go look at

Also, Paypal has a good shopping cart as well.

Good luck!!



I am very happy with the hosting service I use, .
It offers 2 different shopping carts, MIVA (which is the one I use)
and OSCommerce. Both are included in their very reasonable
“a’'-in-one” hosting plans. Not affiliated, just a happy customer
for 5 years.

Best wishes,
Vera Battemarco

Go Daddy offers everything. Website templates, shopping cart, SSL,
you name it, they have it.


Take a look at

My husband is a computer guy so for years he built my site. This was
frustrating because things couldn’t always be done in as timely a
fashion as I would have liked. My poor husband!

A couple of months ago we decided to upgrade our service with the
same host. The price is reasonable. You can use your own compatible
credit card service or choose from others that they work with. It’s
very simple to use.

No affiliation, just a happy customer!
Pam Farren
Newburyport, MA

Dear Margot and All,

We have built a site using Builderspot. It has templates to choose
from, and is pretty easy to set up, even with no real website
building knowledge. We are not using their shopping cart, but a
friend of mine is also using them and she does utilize the shopping
cart feature. We liked the fact that we could customize the
templates quite a bit so the site doesn’t look so “canned”. Also,
they are Mac compatible, which was important to us. They also have a
30 day free trial, so you can sign up and start building your site
to see if you like the interface and features. If you don’t, you
aren’t out anything.

We have no vested interest. Check them out at, or
see our site for a working example:

Good luck.
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401

Hi Margot,

If you’re starting out at “ground zero” and unsure of how to begin,
I think I know of just the software package you’d want (as it once
came in handy for me). It’s called “Website Complete” and is sold for
the whopping sum of $14.95 by Included with that fee are
some 250-300 different website templates, plus dozens (if not more)
of options for button and link styles, cutomizable font and color
choices and, yes, a shopping cart and other e-commerce options. Like
anywhere else in the world, each feature adds to the overall cost,
but all of their fees (site building, domain registration, hosting,
etc.) seem to be pretty reasonable, to me. They also offer something
called “Website Tonight”, which is an even cheaper, online
website-building option, but I don’t know if it’ll suit your needs
very well; it really didn’t suit mine. I get the feeling that it’s
more of a 1-2 page option for folks like house painters, landscapers
and the like, who need a quick advertising space more than anything
else. I suppose you might as well take a look at it anyway, and
reach your own conclusions.)

By the way, I have no afilliations with GoDaddy, per se, although
they do handle my hosting and email. (In other words, I like their
products and services, but don’t make anything by referring anyone
to them.) Let me know what you think, okay? All the best, Doug

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Turet Design
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Avon, MA 02322-0242
Tel: (508) 586-5690
Fax: (508)586-5677
doug. at


If you already have a merchant account to accept credit cards I
would highly recommend Mal’s E-Commerce.

It’s free, it has templates and it has a fantastic support

John Flynn