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Jewelry ShopKeeper Users

I’m in a store in Delaware that uses Shopkeeper. I always get stores
if they haven’t already to get the latets downloads. Well Shopkeeper
now has some great additions that if you’re a user you should
contact Mark & Louie to get them. I believe if you have their
maintence agreement it’s free, if not, it’s not a lot of money.

Here are some of what’s downloaded:

a. GMROI. Most all of their reports has he GMROI per class code.
Anything over 100% is what you want and those under you need to
either reduce inventory, increase sales, or both.

b. Price Point. Their old price point report lumped all class codes
together. Repairs were mixed in with diamonds. Now you can run the
report BY class code AND see the GMROI per price point too. Cool!

c. All reports do 4 things:

  1. print on paper
  2. Shows a really nice report in a windows window for easy viewing.
  3. Displays on screen.
  4. Sends the report to your desktop in Excel spreadsheet, open it and
    do as you please.

d. Email customers. Now on the desktop through normal Windows
functions you can send out an email campaign and (example) email all
repair customers their jobs are ready.

e. Next month they will dynamically be LINKED to QuickBooks. They
will be sedning to QuickBooks sales, cost of goods, accounts payables
all to QuickBooks.

If you have Shopkeeper call Mark and Louie today and they will give
you an URL to go to to download and a password. If you have a dsl,
probably a minute. WIth dial up about 18 minutes.

David Geller

David S. Geller
510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-9565
"Dedicated to Improving Jeweler’s Profitability"