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Jewelry service price guides and wages


I must wonder how often increased retail service pricing results in
actual benefit to the ones doing the work, the bench jewelers.
Retail jewelry businesses offering repair and associated service
often choose to use the Geller price book to set prices. Well
studied and presented, this guideline isa valuable asset to the
retail shop owner. This guideline offers the results of time studies
based on wages paid.

When service prices are raised, based at least in part on time study
guidelines, what of the bench jeweler who sees wages stagnated? Has
the cost of doing business risen enough to justify the higher
service prices while the jeweler gains nothing more? Isn’t the
jeweler’s wage part of the pricing equation?

I am curious to know if retail jewelry businesses who have increased
service prices according to the popular guidelines have maintained
up to date wages of the bench jewelers as well.

I do realize with lagging sales currently experienced by some
businesses wage increases are the last consideration.


I love this comment. The bench jeweler has always gotten short
sheeted. I have one comment here that really is the point of it all…

I have been at odds with retailers and their “money” for 30 plus
years. Isn’t the cart before the horse…I mean really without us
designers, manufacturers, stone setters, etc. would the retailer or
middlemen for that matter have anything to sell?

There is room for all of us, but really, how much does a mechanic get
for fixing the car…maybe 30 an hour and we the customer pays 120 an
hour to the service manager…I mean come on…Yes I know what some
will say…well I need my car but I don’t need jewelry…there is the
problem…like it or not. We do our craft for the “passion” of doing
it, not necessarily the money…Go to any shop and try to work with
other egos or peers…hey we are all masters of the craft in our own

Russ Hyder

Go to any shop and try to work with other egos or peers...hey we
are all masters of the craft in our own world. 

This is why I have my own shop. Wherever I went I was always the
best, but for some reason, nobody ever agreed with me. Ha ha ha

Ray Brown