Jewelry series of multiples with a limited theme?

A 2-d friend just completed a series of a 100 small paintings all
done of the same scene,
( but with

Are there jewelers who have done the same thing? I am reminded of
Kiff Slemmons, Insectopedia brooches. Has anyone pursued a series of
multiples with a very limited theme?


Pat Flynn did a large series of square pins all with a heart motif
back in the late 80"s early 90’s. Very effectively I might add.



yes, I did a series of mezzuzahs, a religious object, with a
reflective surface carved in jade. Did about 25 of them, with
various variations. i still do one occasionally, although i am
getting bored with the form.

on the other hand, it is interesting as an artist to revisit a form,
especially a functional one, and see what you can do that is new.

warm regards
Mark Zirinsky

Hi Carla,

Sure! I have done this for years and had good success. I first got
the idea years ago… (many)… when I was doing a lot of
photography. I did 3 shows at that time with themes… one was
called “Windows”, One was called “Old” and I did one called “Cloud
Scapes”. Later in jewelry, I did the “Love” collection… it was a
series of highly detailed pieces, taking things like Maub pearls and
letting them serve as a dress for a lady setting in an arched
window.All high end, all in 18K & 22K Gold. The collection had
hundreds of pieces in it… all romantic & expressing love. I sold
the entire collection in Spain…and that customer oddly enough sold
it to a guy in Florida.

I just started a collection a few weeks ago called “Big Cats” it is
a cufflink series that I for some unknown reason decided to do…
here is an image of one set…

There are also round ones, pear shaped and others… all with
different “Big Cats” on them. I do this with CNC machining so I can
keep the cost down for the current economy. These are made from an
actual photograph. I did one piece like this of Michael Jackson as
well. I’m considering adding a couple more pieces.

I have always had good luck with themes… I’d encourage anyone that
the thought strikes to try it. DO IT! Just bail off & DO IT! :wink:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

I have two more themes ready to launch… but I want to do them in
Gold and I’m waiting for the economy to get better. Perhaps
Christmas 2010!!! I would suggest something at this time in the
moderate price range… GOOD LUCK!!! I’d like to see what you do if
you get the chance!!


I do series sometimes, when I’m exploring a particular concept, or
treatment. Right now I’m working on a series of cuff bracelets, and
broadly exploring texture, which has morphed into exploring textured
lines on the cuffs, and the interplay between the positive space of
the lines and the negative space of the not-lines. Not sure if this
qualifies for your limited theme or not…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio