Jewelry Schools in Florence

I am saving up to take a trip this spring and really want to go to
Florence to take a two week jewelry class (and see a bit of Italy).
I am open to different areas of study (wax carving and stone setting
are two areas I’d like to learn more about). Can anyone recommend
any schools in Florence that may offer short term study?


Hi Molly, There is “a” jewelry school in Florence, but I can’t
remember the name…it’s near Ponte Vecchio. I recommend that you
call the Florence Acedemy of Art, run by Americans, and ask for their
help. Also, there is a very active American consulate in Florence
which could be helpful, and lead you where you want to go. However,
why not see if there is a school you could attend in Arezzo, Italy.
which is the main city in Italy for jewelry production. This would
definetly be my choice…and you could visit Florence for a holiday.
There is a gentleman, Mr. Anthony Ditria, who is associated w/ G& S,
a jewelry manufacturing company there. He regulary reviews Orchid and
perhaps he would be so kind as to lead you to a school there. Be
patient for his response, for he often travels for his work. Mr.
Anthony Dirtia: G&S,

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Archer
Mary Ann Archer Designs

Dear Molly, Here are a few websites to check out: and all are
Italian schools.

While in Florence I checked out Fuji Studio which offers classes.
The owners are two Americans and offer a fairly good program.
Unfortunately, I can’t put my hands on the but will
hold your entry and try to reply later with more.

Good luck,
Kay Taylor

Dear Molly, Found the info on Studio Fuji: School of Jewelry
Making-Textile Design-Fashion.

Studio Fuji
Via Guelfa, 79A/85
Firenze, IT
Phone: 055-216877
Fax: 055-214500

Usual disclaimer. . .but it would not be hard to use this little
school for an excuse to stay in Florence for a month to two years!
They speak English. Total emersion in an Italian school would be an
entirely different experience. . .probably much more demanding.

Kay Taylor

i want to respond the mail for anastasia, becouse she ask about the
metallo nobile school =F2=F2in florence, l can say that it’s a great
school in florence, is a joung and a good structure, there are the
best teachers, i was do=F2i=F2ng a course there and i learn very much.=

If you want to speak more whit me, please let me know, i’m available,
by… and thank you

nancy yamile Sepulveda
via san damiano 3
Firenze 50124 Italy