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Jewelry schools in Brazil

Hello Annie Moran, I am looking for design & manufacturing schools in

Warm regards,

Hi Umesh,

unfortunately Brazil is a little bit poor in designs schools. Here
are some university that teach design, but not for jewelry, the
closest that you get is fashion.

Then you have some private designers that teach ( but nothing
compared with American and European schools), but there is light in
the end of tunnel.

There is a school linked and sponsored by the national industry
syndicate. Is a huge institution called FIEMG that have several
schools in many domains, and also a metalsmith jeweler school.

My father is advisor and supervisor for that school, so if you want I
can give you more just send me an email. The classes
are in Portuguese, and probably in Brasil you will not find a private
teacher to give you lesson in English.

from Brasil
Vlad Radu Poenaru

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance as I didn’t see the original post so I don’t
know the exact reason the question was asked, or who it was from.
However, in case it may help, here a few other options for jewelry
schools in Brazil, mostly private I believe:

There’s the IBGM, Instituto Brasileiro de Gemas e Metais Preciosos.
As far as I know they are not a “school” but they do offer classes
and within the field :

Again, as far as I know, the IBGM also provides “Tecnology in
Jewelry Design” classes at least at this University:

Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA)
Av. Farroupilha, 8001 Bairro San Jose
Canoas/ Rio Grande do Sul (RS) - Cep 92425-900
Fone: (51) 3477 4000 - Fax: (51) 3477 1313
E-mai: coordjoias at ulbra dot br

In Novohamburgo, also in the south, there’s also a University which
offers metalsmithing classes:

Av. Dr. Maurocio Cardoso, 510 - Bairro Hamburgo Velho - Novo
Hamburgo - RS - CEP 93510-250

A more design oriented school is:

Instituto Europeu de Design ltd.

Rua Maranhao 617
Higienpolis - San Paulo
Tel: 11.3660.8000
info at iedbrasil dot com dot br

I don’t know more details of any of the above, but I hope this can
be of some help.

You can also always write to the editors of this Brazilian jewelry
web-portal for more as well:

I write a monthly column for them called “Tecnicas e Dicas”

Cheers !
HelveticaAngela B. Crispin, France o:-)