Jewelry Schools in Asia

Hello all! I am from the USA and am looking for jewelry schools in
Asia, preferably Thailand, Bali or India that offer bench skills,
stone setting and casting. I heard of one in Thailand that is run by
a British man, but cannot track down the name. I have studied jewelry
in the United States for the past year, and would like to refine my
skills in an intensive manner. Any leads?

Thank you for any info!


I can recommend a school in India. It’s called Jewellery Product
Development Centre (JPDC), New Delhi. The website for the school is There are a few other schools as well mainly in
Delhi and Mumbai and a couple in Jaipur. some of these are: JDTI,
Pearl Academy, Eikon, Ensign, IIJT, IIGJ, Arch school of jewellery

As far as the manufacturing skills are concerned, I am not aware of
the details in these schools other than JPDC, New Delhi. This is
where i ahve studied and also is the school where i now teach.

If you require any other please free to contact.

from India,