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Jewelry related patent


I have an idea I’m ready to consult a patent attorney about. Can
anyone recomend one who would be familiar with jewelry.


Virtually any patent attorney (or agent) should be able to help you
with jewelry. Ditto for searchers which is where I STRONGLY suggest
you start—use a searcher who does NOT stand to gain by getting you
to employ them for patent writing/prosecution. But (excluding having
an idea) getting a patent is by far the cheapest and easiest part of
the whole business. Spend some time studying my
and (particularly the Weekly Worthless Patents
part) to get a better handle on whether patenting is a good business
decision or not. Ideas, of course, cannot be patented.

Be very aware that the vast majority of patent practitioners are far
more interested in closing the sale than working in YOUR best
interests so interview at least 3 or 4 before you agree to anything
and do your own careful BUSINESS analysis first. Good luck.

James E. White
Inventor, Marketer, and Author of “Will It Sell? How to Determine If
Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable (Before Wasting Money on a
Patent)” Info Sites:,


a word of caution, call your area bar association they have a toll
free # and can recommend a legitimate attorney, many of the so called
"patent attorney’s are not even bar members but "outsourcers " who
work with attorneys, that basically sign their name(s) to a document.
Be wary, don’t give out specifics, and make sure you meet the person
in a free consultation and agree on fees, and terms in case your
patent is rejected for some reason. I have just patented a gold
manufacturing process and it took three tries to get a decent
representative counsel.