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Jewelry Re-working

Hi, Orchid People:

I am getting into the jewelry design business with a collection to
be called “Lady in White.”

I want to re-work cameo brooches and lay them over mother of pearl,
onyx, agate, chalcedony and other stones to make unique bracelets.
Would I use glue to connect these items? If so, what kind, please?
Some of the cameos are in settings and some are not.

Also, I want to re-work brooches that have settings and put them on
metal bracelet blanks. Would I use wire-sculpture to connect these

And finally I want to re-work brooches and connect them onto leather
bracelets and pet collars. How would I connect metal to leather,

Thank you kindly for all your assistance.

God bless all!

I would use rivets for this. They would also work for some of your
other projects.