Jewelry Production Managers in Bangkok


I’m running a product development/design studio in Bangkok for a NY
based jewelry company. It is a small but complete operation, where I
do everything in house from designs to models to casting to
finishing. My current team does a decent job with models and samples,
but the quality is still not up there with the high end retailers
which the parent company is targeting. I have been trying to find the
right manager for my studio for some months now, but to no avail.
What I’m looking for in the position is someone who knows and
understands model making, both in silver and wax, and someone who has
had experience working with high end/quality jewelry and can train
the workers to produce finished samples of very high quality in gold
(14 K, 18K, 20 K…) as well as platinum.

Can this breed be found here in Bangkok, or everyone who fits the
description is already well settled with larger companies??

I would appreciate and thoughts/insights/suggestions from all of

Thanks in advance.