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Jewelry photos


Try using a large milk glass globe (such as are used on outdoor
lamps) to photograph jewelry. Jewelry inside, lights outside,
camera over the hole in the top. No glare or odd reflections,
even lighting. Available at most hardware stores for a few bucks.

“If you wear cubic zirconia, God will know.” Maryanne Thorpe

Minutes off I-95 in sunny central SC, USA,
where the camellias are blooming.


After reading the list of Jewelry Photographers,I notice not one in
the South! I am in Tampa Florida and ask? Does anyone know of a
Jewelry Photographer in this part of the world? One with history or
reputation I am looking for someone to create a set of Jury Photos
& Slides of Jewelry. It would be much easier to explain what I want
and see their work locally but if I have to I can do it by mail but
choose the later.