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Jewelry photos using mobile devices



came home to be shown photos my daughter had taken on her smart
phone. Then uploaded to a Mac.

The jewellery looked as good as any photos I have seen. Much better
than I take with a camera.

Amazing crisp detail. My wife’s earrings looked great.

Easy to upload to the net as well. So tomorrow she will photograph
some of my pieces.

Finally I hope to have something to show.

Also all stock my wife purchased at the trade fair was photographed
with price and supplier. Neat.



I never use my digital camera anymore. I have a Samsung Galaxy 4, and
its camera is amazing. I use it with my cloud dome, and I’m totally
delighted with the images I get.

Janet Kofoed


I have a phone holder that goes onto my tripod. That’s the biggest
problem with pictures on your phone is holding still. Take a lot and
pick the good ones.


There was a recent discussion about using a smartphone to take
closeup pictures of our work. I generally use a cloud done with
5700K lights, a tripod, and a good camera with lots of manual
settings. I used my new iPhone with the same setup and, with some
editing, got fairly good pictures. I would still prefer to use my
usual setup as I have a lot more control over the results, but for a
quick picture that synchs right to iPhoto and can be emailed or
posted in some way, the iPhone will do. Thanks for prompting me to
try. Rob


I have the cloud dome which I have used with my digital camera. I
recently checked their website and learned that they now have an
attachment so that one can use a smart phone.



I almost hate to admit that I to have left my other 5 great cameras
on the shelf in their cases. Leaving the newer Nikon digital (with
lenses) in favor of my Samsung note 2…with a table top studio
photo setup. Platform for object is translucent whitish storage
containers from Target. No shadows, easy to tweak in photoshop or
bracket exposures. Its worse because I used to co-owned a camera shop
and Kodak professional dealership (as digital started to take off).

Progress is when quality meets convenience.



I think someone on Orchid posted a tip about taking photos with a
phone using a loupe over the lens. Darn good idea and it works!
Thanks to whoever posted it!

Dave Phelps


Another Orchid user said he used his loupe over the smart phone
’shutter’ & that it acted as a close up lens. Have yet to try it