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Jewelry Metal inquiry

hello, i am looking for - if such a thing would exist - a Metal band
ring that must be black (or grey black), matte and is a simple band.

where can i look for such a ring? i looked everywhere - and nobody
has the “black metal band ring.”

please write back to me and thank you,


The metal you need to investigate is niobium with a heavy oxide
finish. It is dark grey to black. The oxide surface is quite durable.
I have been making bands with niobium for about 15 years, there is
one in my Orchid Gallery site.

Rick Hamilton

Clara, Go to They advertise black titanium pieces.

Jerry in Kodiak

Clara, you’re probably looking for Titanium. There are a number of
sources on the WWW, and I suspect Orchidians know several to
recommend. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings