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Jewelry marketing

I have been designing pieces for a year now. I am self-taught. The
quality of my work has evolved steadily, but I keep flip-flopping on
how to start marketing. I hate the thought of the hassle and
confinement of shows. That leads me to think I should try wholesale
or consignment. Every time I think of it, I assume I’ll barely be
able to cover my silver, stones, and gold price with possibly only
$4.00 or $5.00 per hour for labor, if that. Otherwise, it seems that
the piece would have to sell for too much and would be above what
the market would bear. Should I just go forward at this point and
consign or sell wholesale even if it pays me very, very little for
labor and hope to get more as/if my name becomes known? An example:
If a pendant with chain (sterling with garnets, onyx, and
morrisonite) costs me about $35.00 for materials and it took me more
than 8 hours from design to finish, how can I possibly make anything
for the labor. It seems that even in a very “ritzy” shop, it could
sell for only about $75. to $90. That leaves me at most $54.00 if I
get a 60:40 wholesale split or $63.00 if I get a 70:30 consignment
arrangement. There’s only $19.00 labor in the wholesale scenario or
$28.00 in the consignment scenario. I know I’m slower than I will be
one day, but I don’t think I’ll ever be fast enough to make anything
per hour under the abovementioned circumstances. Just a little advice
as to how to “approach” my marketing “thinking” would help. I keep
changing my mind as to how to start because I can’t seem to come up
with an idea that would make any money. Thanks J.S. Ellington

Janie, for a good place to start with your investigation of
marketing your work consider taking the Marketing Class from the
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. It is a one day class which Alan
teaches, and it is very beneficial for seasoned artists as well as
emerging newcomers to the realm of jewelry making.

Visit the Academy online for more
and best of luck to you in your new career.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturl1

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA