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Jewelry Marketing Advice

I’ve recently been approached by a manufacturer of sterling and gold
jewelry to be their representative in my state. I have experience
with marketing from a previous part of my life (pre-jewelry) but it
was in computer equipment so I am really not acquainted with
expectations in the jewelry industry. From my experience, resellers
expect marketing rebates to defer the cost of developing and
maintaining the market for a particular merchandise line (usually
3-5%) to be paid by the manufacturer or their representatives. Are
these or similar discounts standard in jewelry? Also, I would
appreciate any input from the members as to what they would wish a
manufacturer’s rep or distributor had done. I like the company’s
product line and want to promote them in a way that will reflect well
upon both their company and myself.

Kirk Robinson


Marketing rebates in the jewelry biz?, hell, we are lucky to get on
time delivery. But seriously folks, some manufactures do offer coop
marketing but nothing is standard in this business. Richard
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