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Jewelry Making Books

Good Morning Orchid Members:

Are there any jewelry making books that you could suggest to me, so I
could begin to learn jewelry making techniques?

I see Jewelry Making books advertised all of the time on E-bay, but
i’m not sure which are the best to purchase for learning how to make

What is the best way to get started? What supplies would I need to
purchase? I would appreciate any that you could give

My name is Tina, and I’m from Kansas City. I’m a returning Orchid

I will await your replies. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Best wishes,


Hi Tina and welcome back to Orchid

Based on Orchid recommendations, we have compiled a bibliography of
books covering a broad range of gem and jewelry topics.

To learn more, please check out ‘The Jeweler’s Selected
Bibliography’ section of Ganoksin at


Hi Hanuman:

Thank you so much for those bibliographies of books. I greatly
appreciate your time and efforts.

I would like to wish every Orchid member a very Happy Holiday!!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Hanukkah to those who

I am going to look at the sources you provided thanks so much!! I
am happy to be a Orchid Member again!!

Best wishes,

Theres a really great book I’m borrowing from my local library
called Jewelry Making (Tips and Tricks of the Trade) by Stephen

Jewelry Making: Tips & Tricks Of The Trade
By Stephen O’Keeffe
Price: $16.49

Product Information
Manufacturer : Krause Publications
Release data : 31 July, 2003

I’m borrowing it but I really want to buy this one as soon as I’m
able. It goes into detail about terms, each project covers a
style/technique so you can make some amazing pieces without any real
skills. The Projects tell you also not only what materials but
what techniques will be needed so you can match the techniques to
the resources you have. For instance. I dont have any soldering
equipment as yet, nor do I have very precious metals (I work
primarily in copper wire at the moment). There are solderless
projects which I can do quite easily and have the right effect
meaning my skills have increased but I have not had to compromise my

Happy hunting, Merry Christmas.

Tina, at the bottom of the messages are resources that Orchid has on
line. One of them is

The Jeweler’s Selected Bibliography List"

As you say, there are many many good books. Many people have started
with “The Complete Metalsmith.” A very clearly written book of
techniques and as books go, not that expensive.


Regarding books for the beginning jewelry maker, “Indian Jewelry
Making” Vols. 1&2, by Oscar Branson and “Indian Silversmithing” by
W. Ben Hunt are in my opinion, two of the best. I may be prejudiced
since these are the ones I started with lo, these many years ago.
Indian jewelry may not be your preferred style, but these books will
get you started using the tools and techniques basic to all jewelry
making such as sawing, filing, forging, soldering, polishing, etc.
The first one, Indian Jewelry Making is profusely illustrated in
full color and has easy to follow step by step instructions with
which you can make simple items from the very beginning… At a bit
more advanced level is Alan Revere’s exceptional book "“Professional
Goldsmithing: A Contemporary guide to Traditional jewelry
Techniques”. I wish that book was out when I started, It would have
prevented me from developing some of the bad habits I still have.
:-[ . There are tons of others, and you will learn about them as you
progress. Some are better than others of course but you’ll get
something from each of them. Good luck in your endeavor. You may
find, as many of us have, that it can become all consuming.

Jerry in Kodiak