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Jewelry making

Hi All-

The above website was mentioned last week, and I wonder if anyone
knows anything about it. In looking over the about
their service, they mention their fee as $24.95 and up, but I
couldn’t find any place where what ‘up’ was and what exactly one
gets for what cost. There also seems to be no way to tell if there
are really buyers, and whether, and how much gets sold.

It sounds like a good idea–a market place only for original
jewelry. I would like to know more about it.


Use of the forum itself doesn’t cost anything…I’ve been on their
list for some time…don’t know if that $24.95 and up is for
advertizing on their site perhaps? What I can tell you is that the
majority of the users are lower end users…home crafts people,
primarily beaders (nothing against beaders…the ones there are
mostly just very amateurish). You can probably try to contact the
list’s main person Tammy and talk to her directly. If you are looking
to market your jewelry there, I don’t know that you are going to
reach the right audience…they do have an alternate group somewhere
on that is more for sales, but I don’t remember where it



I was happy when began. I found it to be below basic, and
at one time made a suggestion to the list leader. There was minimal
improvement over the next few years, and were you to take a look at
what is gushed over, you may have second thoughts.

I feel the buying market is lower socio-economic, and perhaps over 5
more years, may improve. They are far from there to this point.