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Jewelry makers and back pain and stiffness

I still sit in a chair all day. I had pain down my legs at the butt.

I bought a memory foam seat cushion from relax the back store for
less than $90.

Stopped all pain.

David Geller

I have had lower back pain & stiffness of and on for years. A little
over a year ago it had gotten so bad I had real difficulty walking
and trouble sleeping due to pain in lower back, hip and leg. I tried
a chiropractor and physical therapy, when that did not work our
family doctor recommended that I see an orthopedic surgeon. I did
and after being X-rayed and examined, the specialist recommended that
I get a copy of a book " Treat Your Own Back" by Robin MacKenzie I
read the on line reviews @ Amazon and then ordered a copy. Reading it
went quick, 2 days after I started the simple exercises my pain was
and still is gone. It is a pleasure to be able to pass this

Mike B.

Sitting all day hunched over a work bench is really really bad for
us. We are supposed to get up and stretch every half hour.

My secret weapon? A large home made hula hoop. I keep it in the
studio and periodically get up and hula. It’s a quick fun way to tone
your core muscles without going to the gym. Plus my sweetie Tim loves
to watch:-) My guitar teacher Steve Cheseborough made it for me out
of black pvc pipe with a little weight in it. It’s larger that the
ones you buy in the toy dept. Easier to hoop with. You can probably
find instructions to make your own on the internet. Steve lost his
beer gut without cutting down on beer.

How’s that for an incentive.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

It’s a car accident over 2 years ago that did my back in. The MRI
showed no cartilage between L4 and L5. There was arthritis as well.
That came from age. I’ve done acupuncture, chiropracter, Physical
therapy both regular and specialized, drugs, and of all things the
fun little long needle epidural shots up the hind end of steroids
(3X). The specialized PT helped the most along with the shots. I
just wish I had listened more to the lady who taught me natural child
birth classes. Her other job was as a physical therapist for back
pain. She taught us how the back muscles are connected to the
stomach muscles, and slack stomach muscles will cause back pain if
you ignore them. The recent specialized therapy had me concentrating
on my stomach muscle exercises as much as anything else.

Something we forget about as we get older. Even if there is no pain
yet, age will cause the arthritis, and along with it back pain will
come. Learn the good stomach exercises with therabands. Situps are
the worst you can do long term. Mostly because we all do them

For my upcoming cross country drive, I was given a custom back brace
with a gel pack to either heat or freeze depending on what I will be
doing or have done. That and strict orders to stop at least every 90
minutes and walk around the truck a few times. Diuretics will take
care of that need. Most important wisdom, get up and move. Do not
stay sitting for long periods, vary your sitting position. Plan your
work so that you can vary how your body is held in position. Maybe
not as time efficient, but your back will thank you. If you saw the
needle they shoved up my back, you will gladly do the exercises, and
get up and move.


Take heart Agnes – artificial discs are in the laboratory and
implanting them is coming closer.