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Jewelry made from rose pedals


I am looking for the instructions for making jewelry out of rose
pedals, could you help me.

Thanks, Anna


Anna, try looking up “Rose Mauling” either in the Library or on line
from one of the search engines! Years ago, when I was an Offset
Pressman, I printed up a little book on “Rose Mauling” and have it
tucked away somewhere. Where “somewhere” is I don’t know but I do
still have it. won’t promise but I’ll try to find it. The lady that
had it printed had been doing it for 0 or 40 years and made rosary
beads. It was very interesting and informative. Hope I can find
it!!! JB


Hello, I do have the recipe, however it is in my storage , I actually
know where it is, So, if you have not found it in the next one or two
days, let me know and I will go over and fetch it for you. It will be
of no trouble, i am going over there anyway. If you do find
another,would you please send it to me, I would like for us to have
several and make one that could be superb. I have never made any, now
you have inspired me to do so. Have you seen any ? How were they
priced out?

I see that you are on webtv. how do you manage all of the info here?
I have created a file for it. Would you please tell me if the Digest
carries all of the info from every ? And how often does the Digest
come out?

Thank You very much , let me know before the week end . It will be my
pleasure to get the instructions to you.

Warm Regards,
Nicole Dawn Crain