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Jewelry Inventory

Dear Dave Sebaste,

My accountant is a beautiful soul an artist herself. She actually
came to my (one of a kind) jewelry studio and looked at my computer
set up and bookkeeping methods. Her advice on inventory of finished
goods was database software. I use Access and this year it took about
15 seconds to calculate my finished goods on hand at cost for the end
of year 2000. It took two Access classes and a lot of practice but I
am getting there. This may not sound like much but I have dyscalculia
so this is a major achievement. Having a professional that is good at
evaluating my needs and skills is a blessing. I hope the same blessing
for you.

In reading the postings on Orchid you are having a lot of input on
this matter of inventory accounting and more than one person has
suggested Jewelry Shop Keeper software. People please tell us more.

Thanks to all Orchid buddies.

Cathy Wheless