Jewelry in gallery for first time

I would like your advice about this. This is the first time I have
ever had my jewelry in a gallery. Should I call the gallery owner
occasionally to ask how my jewelry is selling? Or should I just wait
until I hear back from her if she needs more jewelry from me?

I’m not sure how to handle this end of this. I do want to keep
selling my work here, if possible. So, I want to do the right thing.

Thanks in advance for any advice,
Jaynemarie Crawford

Hi Jaynemarie

Congratulations on getting your jewelry in your first gallery!

My advice is to ask the gallery owner/manager what THEY prefer,
because every shop is different. I have galleries that call me, I
have galleries that wait for me to call them - it’s what is
convenient for the owner, in my opinion. I want to make it as
pleasant and convenient as possible for them to sell my jewelry, so I
go with their schedule. I would also recommend physically stopping by
in a few months, to see if your things are tarnished, displayed
properly, etc. - sometimes a shop will stockpile things off the
selling floor - in which case I tell them I would rather supply them
as needed then have them in posession of things they aren’t actively
selling (things get lost, things tarnish, etc.). I also do a
physical inventory once a year, comparing their inventory s= heets
with my inventory sheets to the physical inventory on hand. That’s
how you get paid for the things they sold without writing down,
things which were shoplifted? or the things the resident packrat
snuck into the kitchen floor (NOT kidding). At that time, you can
show them your new things, swap out/discount older things which
haven’t sold, and just “check in”. Some shops can lose enthusiasm for
an absent you (and your things), which you can reignite by your
smiling, charismatic presence. Then your sales go up, because they
are so excited by you! Good luck, well done, and may this year prove
more abundant than the last!


Susan “Sam” Kaffine
Sterling Bliss