Jewelry Guilds

Hello All,

It has been quite heartwarming to see all the activities
surrounding the mini conventions around the country. I’m
wondering if anyone has form of jewelry guilds around their
areas, where there are regular meetings.

Gail Selig
Allentown, Pa.

Hmm, I took a class this weekend, and hooked up with a woman who
mentioned the same thing. Does anyone know of one in the LA
area? If not, would anyone be interested in forming one? -amery

Amery Carriere,
Assistant to the Director
Annenberg School for Communication
School of Communication
3502 Watt Way ASC304 F
LA, CA 90089-0281

phone: 213.740.0934
fax: 213.740.3913

In Portland Oregon there is a monthly meeting of the Creative
Metal Arts Guild. I don’t have an e-mail for them, but a
contact would be Joe or Linda Apodoca at 503 638-4030. This
group is very active. For other groups around the country,
contact SNAG (don’t know their #, but others on this net
should). Al Gilbertson

Gail, Here in San Diego County, we have the San Diego County
Council. It is a quasi-umbrella organization, representing 13
local clubs.

In heyday times, each local club had the strength and support to
ably handle field trips and local shows. Local shows, before
commercial ventures realized the money making potentials, were
basically fund raisers that allowed clubs to maintain shops and
other activities.

The general public, for the most part does not realize the
difference between local club shows, and the commercial ones. In
many cases the local club shows were squeezed/priced out of the
arenas the shows were held in, and replaced by the commercial

This became a problem for obvious reasons, and funds to maintain
the clubs somewhat dried up.

Another problem is the aging of the original club members, and
the adjunct loss of strength and energies.

The San Diego County Council has a rotating “Gemboree”. When
this show is scheduled, members of all the other clubs assist in
setting it up, bring in tables, skirting, etc. There is a fund
available to use as start up. Rental of the facility, etc. this
is repaid from the monies taken in.

Field Trips also have a cooperative bent. Instead of each club
struggling to offer monthly field trips, the Council arranges for
each club to set up one good field trip a year. They are
published 6 months in advance, and attendance is great.

I am the Internet Liason for the Council and just recently
opened a Web Site. It is still in the preliminary stages, but
anyone coming into the Southern California area can access it and
see what is going on in the area, club meetings, field trips, or
club shows. The Web address is

This is the closest we come to a guild, and it works for us.
Teresa Masters

Hi Teresa! I would greatly appreciate being added to any mailing
list of San Diego activities coming up. Of course I will search
for your website also. Since I am still a student and live in
Coronado, I feel somewhat isolated from much of the activities.
My work so far is still in all original beadwork. Thank you for
your input.