Jewelry Galleries in Paris


Anyone in Orchid-land know of jewelry and/or craft galleries in
Paris? in the Giverny area? Also, any exhibitions happening in those
areas in June?

Linda Kaye-Moses

Anyone in Orchid-land know of jewelry and/or craft galleries in

I have a long, two part guest post on my blog, Jewelry Tourism:
Paris, that might help. Here’s the link:

Part I:

Part II:


There is very little in those two links about the topic. Perhaps
because other than high end jewelers as in Place Vendome, there is
very little in Paris that fits the catagory. The Marais is a
wonderful area especially for women’s fashions. The jewelry is mainly
beads from Bali on cords. Even in the 5th it seems the only crafted
work is from Germany. I’ve asked friends and the answer that seemed
to make most sense is that the govt makes it very difficult for
individuals to be in business as one is able to do in the US. I do
not say these things as a negative about France. I love France.

Hi Linda and all,

I know Paris as my backpocket and I’m a jeweller, so here are my
recommendations. Forget about the beadshops and Self’or (rue du
Temple, rue Reaumur)and all that stuff: you have much better in the
US (Rio Grande and others). But there are some other things worth
checking out ! 1. Only 2 galleries specialised in contemporary
jewelry: - Galerie Helene Poree, (1 rue de l’Odeon, Metro Odeon),
very nice selection of contemporary jewelry

  1. Galerie Naila de Monbrisson, 6 rue de Bourgogne, Metro Assemblee
    Nationale) (Other galleries might have temporary exhibits but I
    haven’t heard of any lately)

  2. The Place Vendme if you want to see the (very, very) high end of
    jewellers. It is also a very beautiful architectural ensemble.

  3. The Musee des Arts Decoratifs (rue de Rivoli, Metro Palais Royal,
    in the same compound as the Louvre Museum) has a very nice jewelry
    gallery from antique to contemporary. Right now there is a marvelous
    exhibit on Art deco jewelry.

4.Very close by, on the place du Palais Royal (metro Palais Royal)
there is “Le Louvre des antiquaires” : several stories of small
antique shops. Several have old jewelry and/or interesting objects.

  1. A brand new gallery specializing in French craft: Ateliers d’art
    de France, 1 bis rue de Scribe, 75009 (close to the Opera Garnier).
    Very nice presentation.

Check opening times before you go (galleries generally open late in
the morning, then close for extended lunch, hey, they know how to
live!) For those interested I also know of an artisan sculpting on
ivory (very small, old shop) and one working with tortoise shell.

Not jewelry but also worth a visit : The Manufacture des Gobelins
(tapestries) and the Musee Baccarat (cristal). If I hear of anything
else that might interest jewellers I’ll let you know.

I’ll have to stop here otherwise I’ll go on and on. Anyone
interested in my “best hidden secrets of Paris”, contact me off

Have fun,
Linda Savineau