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Jewelry Exhibition at Newark Museum

Hello Orchids, For all of you in the metro NY area as well as those
of you whom will be attending MJSA, I wanted to mention an exhibit at
the Newark Museum. It is an exhibit of jewelry that was produced as a
collaboration between the the three curators at the museum
called…“Baubles, Bangles and Bling-Bling” (yes, they have a sense
of humor). It is a small museum and drawing from their strong
specializations in Asian, African and Decorative Arts, they have put
together an amazingly wide-ranging collection of jewelry that
encompasses everything from Tibetan turquoise headdresses to Joan
Crawford’s diamond bracelet. There is also a special emphasis on
jewelry from Newark, which was formerly a center of jewelry
manufacturing. I used to work at the museum making metal mounts for
the various 3D objects in the collection. They really wanted me to
work on this show, now that I have my own jewelry business, but I was
too busy and missed the chance to handle all of these pieces and take
a close look. Getting to Newark is easy from midtown. You just need
to take the Midtown Direct train(It runs on several lines) from NY
Penn Station to Newark Broad St. and walk about 3 blocks. The train
ride is 15 minutes. Go to the NJ Transit website for more details. I
hope some of you will make the trip out for an enjoyable show at a
great small museum!

Natasha Wozniak