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Jewelry display sources - suggestions

grace - we go canoe camping on the barrier islands in the gulf of
mexico where there is quite a lot of cedar driftwood, but it can also
be bought elsewhere i saw off the interesting portions & mount onto
another piece of flat driftwood, large shell, plexiglass. coupled
with large pieces of fossil coral, more big shells & pieces of rough
gemstone material they make super display pieces - don’t get fancy
with glitter or such; everyone comments on how unusual & elegant they
look. ALMOST everyone - except for the woman at a show in another
certain southern city who came up, leaned on my counter & asked if i
knew how to make my driftwood ‘reel purty’. here was her formula: get
mahself a ‘draill, draill some liddle holes all along the wood. than,
get some galue’ & some rhanstones - galue those rhanstones into those
liddle holes. that will make that wood reel purty.’ need i say i was
not surprised when she did not buy anything?