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Jewelry Designs!

Hi All,

I want to buy new jewellery designs prepared in JewelCAD, but not
sure how much each design costs. How are the prices decided. Can any
one help me in this regards. Any one offering such services please
get in touch with me.

Thanks & Regards!

Gopal Mahajan

Hi Gopal,

When you say that you want to buy designs, do you mean that they are
already constructed in JewelCad and you are just buying the files or
are you looking for something designed specially for you in jewelCad?
Please remember though, that if you are buying JewelCad designs, in
file format as opposed to physical models, you are still going to have
to pay for the model to be “printed” (usually on a Sanders Machine -
which you can then cast your master from) and this can be quite
expensive. Costs usually float around the $15/hour price with an
average ring taking around 25 hours to make (approx. 6mm in build
hight). If you are looking to employ someone to put your deigns into
JewelCad (which I will be happy to do!) then you will also have to pay
an hourly rate to the JewelCad operator to build your design in

If I can be of any further help, please contact me again.

Kind regards,