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Jewelry Designer seeks jeweler

Eco Conscious Jewelry Designer seeks Jeweler

Are you passionate about your craft? Do you like to experiment with
different metals and gems and techniques? Do you want to be pushed
as a Metalsmith with experimental art jewelry? Are you conscious
about the Earth and Life around you? Do you want to be recognized by
the people you create for?

If you answered yes to these questions, I invite you to consider
exploring and creating with me!

A little about me: my name is Justinder Singh. I have been in the
jewelry industry since I was 2 weeks old, and have been doing
personal design work for the past three years.

What I am looking for in a jeweler:

  1. Creates with an artistic touch and eye

  2. Photographs entire process of creating and final shots

  3. Can communicate effectively to get creations done - Write and
    email back and forth in a clear, concise and somewhat academic

  4. Works according to Abbey Principles of ‘Create with Love’

A. Conscious B. Sustainable C. Compassionate D. Healthy

  1. Is willing and able to experiment with new methods and materials

  2. Is a highly skilled master jeweler in all aspects of creating

A. Fabrication B. Setting C. Wax carving (especially natural
organic shapes) D. Laser Welding E. Forging F. Some Casting (most
casting done by Techform and Arttech) G. Solderin H. Karat and
pure Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum 7. Traits that will
help with my designs A. Engraving B. Enamel C. Patinas D. Pave
setting E. Hand filigree F. CAD/CAM

  1. Can handle ordering materials and record keeping

  2. Has an eye for gemstones

  3. Integrity - Is conscious and aware of the world around them, is
    proud of and appreciates craftsmanship, trustworthy and gets jobs
    done in a timely manner to the agreed finish dates (things happen, I

  4. CSI - is able to understand defects and problems in creating and
    can brainstorm to figure out how to overcome

  5. Preferably has a degree in art and professional jeweler training

  6. Experience with alternative metals is a huge plus as I work with
    many (ie iron, meteorite, purple gold, Mokume Gane)

I love to create, and my partner has opened my heart to ‘Create with
Love.’ My heart is to work with a jeweler who is already practicing
conscious and sustainable production and materials procurement. If
you don’t, but it is in your heart to create consciously, I have set
up a conscious studio before and can share knowledge and tools.

I design privately and travel a lot, so you need to be comfortable
with taking instruction and communicating electronically.

Location: preferably in the Pacific Northwest. Just relocated to
Vancouver, BC from Southern California temporarily, but will likely
be sticking somewhere in the region.

You need to have your own tools and production space. Each job will
be on a commission basis with budgets for materials and expenses
established before starting any project.

I ask for heirloom quality and integrity of craft in the creation of
my designs.

I already have many jobs lined up, so I ask that you have the time
and setup available to start immediately!

Why work with me:

Having owned and run a jewelry studio for 3 years, I understand the
situations and difficulties that can arise in creating. I am just as
passionate about you creating as I am designing. Being conscious is
vitally important to me. I am for learning about and implementing
socially and environmentally practices. Your health is a priority to
me, and I will always seek ways to make your life better

To see a very small sample of some of my previous creations visit

Please email Justinder: justinderbhatia at gmail dot com