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Jewelry Design Manager Pro

thanks to all who have answered my last couple of posts. i wish i
could be of more help to you all. if any of you have questions about
costa rica, i’m more than happy (and able) to answer those!

i’ve searched through the archives, but don’t find anything much
about barbara carelton’s “jewelry design manager”. one person gave
it a great review, but i didn’t hear much else.

does anyone have any feedback on this? and does anyone use it to
track consignment accounts?

Jewelry Designer Manager

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thanks once again,

Jocelyn Broyles
Costa Rica ph(011 506) 376.6417
U.S. fax (253) 669.1679

Jocelyn -

I use Jewelry Design Manager to track production of my tin work,
which, like jewelry can, has many parts which are then assembled. I
manually track how much time it takes me to create a bunch of an
item, then use the average of the bunch to be the time cost per
piece. I can then cost out an assembled piece from the sub-units.

I like it - it really does seem to do what needs to be done in
allowing you to create and assemble inventoriable parts, which was my
main reason for purchasing it.

I have not used it to track consignment sales at my galleries, altho
that is just laziness on my part - I do believe you could do it.

I have collected only 3 bugs/suggestions for improvements in the
time I have been using it, altho as mentioned before, I am a bit of a
slacker in my recordkeeping.

Is Costa Rica as wonderful as people say it is?


Hi all,

Welcome to the Tucson Gem Show if you are here!!! If not, too bad,
try harder to get here next time!!! As for JDM I have been using the
Pro edition now for about four months. I find that it is indeed a
useful tool in helping the business progress in a timely fashion as
far as good pricing methods, printable invoices, customer tracking
and an overall consistent inventory management. I have not used it
for consignment processes but Barbara has been very helpful with any
questions I have ever presented to her regarding JDM and any of it’s
capabilities. Hey you’ll never know until you try it, she stands
behind her product and I’m sure would be willing to go to any extent
to provide you with any about her product and most
certainly in a timely fashion.

Shawna Lobmiller
Patania’s Sterling Silver Originals
Tucson, AZ