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Jewelry courses in England?

Hi All,

I will be moving to England in June. I would like to continue
improving my jewelry skills. My husband will be working at RAF
Lakenheath so we will live within driving distance, maybe Bury St.
Edmunds, Cambridge or Ely. I would love to take workshops or even a
college level program. I could take a train into London. If anyone
has on programs in England or a website that has
resources to study Jewelry in England I would love suggestions.


Hi Kelli

John Cass school of Jewellery at London Met University:-

Holts Gem dealers :-

And also look at Goldmsith’s Hall, the central authority for
Jeweller’s in the UK:-

Birmingham University:-

Plus lots of other private schools around the country…

Chris Backhouse

Kelli asks about jewellery courses in the UK.

Well if anybody need aboutgoldsmithing,silversmithing
and jewellery coursesin the UK please take a look at The Goldsmith’s
Company website. on technology and
training, then techical services, then technology portal and this
will list many useful contacts in most of the trade and training in
the UK.

We are lucky to have the Goldsmiths Company here in the UK, we just
call it the Goldsmiths Hall and if anybody out there does not know
they have been in existance since 1327,maintaining the qualities of
the metals used in our trade. This is where the term "Hallmark"
originates from as it is the Goldsmith’s Hall that assays our gold
and silver work, adding the mark known as the HALLMARK (mark of the
Goldsmiths Hall).

I was an indentured apprentice as a goldsmith, to the Goldsmith’s
Company and now I am a Freeman of the Goldsmith’s Company and very
proud to be so. If anyone out there visits London, try andtake a
visit to the Goldsmith’s Hall on one of their exhibition days, its a
beautiful building full of many treasures of our trade.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller


I envy you for the opportunity to study in England. Englands schools
are the best in the world, and the training you will receive will
teach you far more than just smithing. Take full advantage of your
time there.


Hi there

It is difficult to find really good courses in the UK because many of
the courses don’t really prepare you for how it is ‘in the trade’.
However there are quite a few in London. Guildhall have been running
a lot of courses for a very long time and apparently do teach the
craft fairly well even though they aren’t always reported to teach
you that you have to not just do it well, but also do it fast! Holts
on Hatton Garden offer shorter courses but I have no idea what these
are like - I have heard mixed reports. So I am afraid I can’t vouch
for either of these personally as I have not employed anybody from
either of these.

The gem-a courses in gemology are very good (
and I think good value - their gem club is good too.

It would be a good idea to ask the British Jewellers’ Association who are bound to have a list of courses and opinions
on whether they are any good I should think.

By the way - in England it is spelled ‘Jewellery’ :wink:

Good luck!
Harriet Kelsall, UK

Check out:

Ganoksin’s Guide to Industry Web Sites > Education > UK

I just toured the Birmingham jewellery quarter a few weeks ago, and
there is an excellent school there. I would think it would prepare
one for the trade as it is smack dab in the middle of the quarter,
which has jewelry stores on every block. One can tour the first floor
of the school, which has large plate glass windows in front of each
classroom, so one can observe the students doing their thing. It
seemed like a very nice school.

Larry Heyda