Jewelry Courses for the Summer

Does anyone know of a central source for the various jewelry
classes/courses that are offered for summer work and or continuing
education. That is a source that lists the guilds, schools and or
associations that offer various opportunities.

I anyone can reference such a site I would surely appreciate it.

Hi Jack

I don’t know of a central source, but feel free to check out the
website for the California Institute of Jewelry Training. We are in
sunny Sacramento and surrounded by 2 rivers and a lake, we are 2 hrs
from Lake Tahoe and 2 hrs from San Francisco. Check out our class
and workshop schedule, and see what fits your needs. We do have
student housing available. Feel free to contact me with any

sincerely Gabriel

Check the websites of various magazines and associations:

Art Jewelry magazine
Lapidary Journal
The Crafts Report


Guild websites

Some schools;

Snow Farm
Indianapolis Art Center

I find it difficult to answer such sweeping questions on Orchid. It
would be easier to answer if you let us know what your regional
restrictions are and what classes you want to take.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I teach privately in S.California. I teach:

Jewelry design
hollow ware

All my courses are based on students’ individual needs.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA
south of Santa Barbara and north of LA.