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Jewelry competitions

Often I hear about jewelry competitions after they pass or weeks
before the deadline. I’m atempting to compile a list. Do you know of
contests or where I can find them listed. Thanks, Sola

There are various magazines which offer lists for competetions. Some
aRe: American Craft, Sculpture (a personal favorite) and Metalsmith
Mag. I am sure there are more, but I use these quite a bit. If you
are a member of ISC (International Sculpture Society), their monthly
magazine has a separate insert which lists all kinds of competetions
for members only.

I found three great shows from these magazines, applied and got into

You can’t always have work ready for the kind of show that is out
there, sometimes the slides you have are good enough to give an
indication to the juror of the work you will build for the show. This
is the case of a show in the current issue of Metalsmith Magazine for
the Yaw Gallery. It’s called 101 Rings. They don’t need to see the
ring you are building, but want slides which show the level of
craftsmanship I am capable of creating.

And sometimes I don’t make the show in time, but I made the work
anyway. This was the case for a show called “Out on a Limb”. It was
for artist birdhouses and even though I didn’t make the show, I built
a photoetched bird house of bird migration maps. After slides were
taken, I found out about a sculpture competetion and got into that

It would be good if there were a central place that art competetions
could be listed and if this something you could pursue and publicize,
I’m sure that people would be interested.

Sometimes I wonder if all the expense is worth another line on my
resume., but with any marketing, you have to be persistent. And in
the end, it pays off. I finished a cod for Boston’s Cavalcade of Cod
which are now up for auction.

I heard about this competetion from a friend and pursued the entry.
This was by far the largest piece I have worked on, and enjoyed every
minute of the experience.

What has worked well for me is to keep my ears open and to let people
know that I want to enter competetions. Someone eventually calls me
and says, “hey, I heard of this great jewelry competetion…”, and I’m
ready. Also, have your slides ready and organized. You never know
when that call will come.


The Jewelers Resource Bureau sells a calendar that includes deadlines
for competitions as well as application deadlines for juried shows and
dates for important trade shows. You can learn more about it at

AJM Magazine also publishes competition in the “Dates and
Deadlines” section of Newsfront, as do several other trade magazines.
It may take a while to compile every deadline you want from these, but
if you have a year’s worth of back issues (or can borrow them from
someone) that will give you a start.

Good luck!


Karen, There is also about contests and design
competitions available on the Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network

Hi , I have had a page up on my metalcyberspace web since it was
started just for design contests. As soon as I hear about them I add
the info. Just haven’t had time to search and dig up everything. I have
even set up separate pages for the application forms for people to
copy and print out if they supply them to me and they don’t have a
website set up.

Susan Sarantos
"Listen to the Universe and Dance to the Rhythm of it." SES

I’m discovering that the expense and confusion of just setting up to
do a few craft shows for the first time as a jewelry producer ,can be
intimidating. Applications , deadlines,juries, slides, tents,
displays , motels, transportation…geesh! So much fun.!!!I decided
to try Amy O’Connell’s Photography Service and got WOW!!!great
service…my jewelry was there and back in a week and this was over
Thanksgiving…The slides and CD make my work look great! And the cost
was way better than anything out here that I found!That took care of
the slides for the juries…Now the question I have for those
experienced show people. Can one person set up for a show…We run two
or sometimes three businesses all at the same time and need to divide
and conquer. Is it feasible to think that I could go to a strange
place and set up a tent and display by myself or should I look for
help to go with me.???. Thanks all. Lisa

Check out my new additions to my web page and think Christmas!!!:

Thanks for the compliments Lisa! I look forward to seeing the new
pictures on your website, you’ll have to let us know when they’re up.
You’ve come a long way in the last year…it seems like only
yesterday you were seeking advise on soldering and now you’ve got
beautiful finished work with your own style. Congratulations! It’s
been a pleasure to be a part of this growing and evolving community of

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me some good shows or competitions which are in
foreign countries, in Asia and especially Japan?? Most of the ones in
the American magazines are for there or Europe.

A big thanks to all and a huge thanks to Hanuman for his undying

Sharron burning out as end of term approaches.

P.S. I too get some unsolicited mail and very well disguised as an
inquiring letter.

** Hanuman’s Response **

Refarding the spam letters some of you had recieved. I am glad to
advise you that I managed to terninate the Internet account of one of
the sapmers by sending a complain to his ISP.