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Jewelry Cards

I’m having a horrible time finding cards for necklaces. Like the
ones you fold in half and have the holes for hanging on hooks. What
you would find at Wal-Mart in the kids jewelry. I’m at a complete
loss as to what they’re called. Any help is appreciated.

There are three companies I know of that sell these cards:

First Card (401) 434 6140 located in East Providence, Rhode Island

Arch Crown Their website is

Fetpak Their website is

Diane Sadel

I rep for a company that manufacturers jewelry display cards. They
are called easy enought, Hand cards, or display cards. We
manufacture some of the Walmart programs. Most of what we make is
custome with a companys logo. For more you can call me
at work 1-800-886-6140 the name of the comapny is called First Card
Co. We are located in EASt PRovidence RI. Cost for a typical hang
card with a rack hole is about .05 and the min quantity is generally
aboot 5000 per size color and punch configuration. To hot stamp
with your logo there is a one time charge of $150 for the die. If
you email me at I will send out a catalog and
samples to you. Thanks Paul DeFRuscio