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I was recently in the Cincinatti museum store and saw some jewelry
packaging that was really ingenious. I have searched all my sources
and cannot find anything even similar. What it consisted of was a
sort of three part tri-fold. The jewelry attached to the center
portion and the two sides folded over and were held closed by a
rough wooden dowel. They functioned as both an effective display,
and packaging all in one. Does anyone know if it is possible to
purchase this type of packaging anywhere, or is the a custom
packaging design particular to that jeweler? Any ideas would be
appreciated, and many thanks for this wonderful forum.

Jessica Daman

Hello Jessica: Sounds like they had the packaging custom made- which
is really really expensive to do. Here is a place a friend of mine -
a hat maker went to - to have packaging designed especially for her:

You can also try getting a student who is studying packaging design
at a college to make things for you. You can try posting a request
at Parsons School of Design (you can do this on line at their
website) or contacting FIT Fashion Institute of Technology and seeing
if you can get a student to work with (both schools are in NYC- maybe
you can work together through the mail and the internet)

DeDe Sullivan
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I think that the packaging is custom… If you can scan it so you can
show me a picture maybe I can help you. I’m in the printing industry
and have sources that can give me a quick answer for you…