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Jewelry camp!

Well not camp, exactly - even better! I’m going to spend 5 days
with Anne Hollerbach and Lee Marshall finally learning the basics of
hydraulic dye forming … and since I’ve had my press for a few
years now, it’s probably a good thing to learn how to use it more
effectively. I am nervous, afraid that as a "hobby jewelry artist"
my skills are not up to snuff (especially soldering, because I do a
LOT of riveting and very little soldering), relieved that I reread
the supplies list last week (that was “wax burs”, not “wax files”,
so the wax burs just arrived last night), and just plain excited! I
brushed up on reticulation, have been reading Susan Kingsley’s book
over and over and understand about 30% of it now, and if the costume
department of my son’s school will just stop giving me sewing to do,
I could get in the studio to do some soldering before I go. I just
had to share with my online community. Thanks for listening.

Donna Blow

Donna, I am sure you are going to have a blast. I was just at the
Northeast Enamelist Guild Conference and workshops where Anne taught
and lectured. I was actually doing the workshop next door to Anne’s
but I peeked. She also did a lecture and slide show on Sunday. Her
work is fascinating, and she is a wonderful teacher who really
conveys her love and excitment of these wonderful processes. She
gently encourages all her students and those interested. I’ve been
contemplating going up to Metalwerx for Anne’s class, but I have
some work constraints I think I won’t be able to escape. If I don’t
make this time, Anne impressed me a lot and she is definitely on my
list of top-notch instructors to learn from. Joel