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Jewelry bottle Suppliers needed

My partner bought some small jewelry bottles in New York a long time
ago and needs help locating a supplier that carries them. They are
small tear drop shaped glass bottles that are converted into charms.
We are in D.C. and unable to find a supplier anywhere. thanks in
advance for your input.

Hi I used to do a line of essential oils in recycled medical
ampoules. The little bottles are not only really cute but can be
acquired for free with the help of a few co-operative nurse
connections. The ampoules originally contain single use drugs and
I’ve been told they could not carry any risk of disease. A complete
sterilization still, of course. Anyway, they are very abundant and
landfilled by the zillions. The smallest ones I have seen are about
12mm at the base and 40mm tall. The nurses collected them and every
month or so I would gift them some of the finished product that they
could do a drawing for. I have bunches left and would be glad to
ship you some.

t lee
(exciting day! first fine jewelry sale on eBay)

For ampules and much, much more, you can try one of my favorite
suppliers, American Science and Surplus:

You can search the site or just browse.

Cq in sunny and weirdly warm Littleton, Mass., USA