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[Jewelry Attractions] San Francisco / Monterrey & Carmel

Hi everyone - I will be traveling to San Francisco and
Monterrey/Carmel for Thanksgiving. I would love to see some
interesting jewelry galleries and/or shops while I am there. Does
anyone know of any such galleries or shops in San Francsico? How about
in Monterrey or Carmel?

Julie Goldberg Maniha

Julie, Since we live just a couple of hours away from the Monterrey
Peninsula we have the good fortune of being able to visit there
frequently. Monterrey is somewhat of a tourist trap…lots of
tawdry souvenir shops and carboholic feeding troughs. Nonetheless,
the Aquarium is world class and not to be missed…the Jellyfish
tank is pure poetry in motion ! The seventeen mile drive around the
peninsula is also world class…bring a good camera and lots of
film…the scenery is breathtaking. Carmel is your focal point for
jewelry studios. All you have to do is park somewhere near the center
of town and hoof it …and don’t ignore the side streets. If you
want to really take it all in you should allocate a day for this. The
business district is not all that big, but there are hundreds of
interesting shops. Carmel also has many quaint hostelries and motels
and their prices during the off season can be quite reasonable.
Occaisionally their prices are pegged to the day’s high temperature
which is usually around 65 degrees fahrenheit. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

In the Bay Area: Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley; De Novo
Gallery, Palo Alto; Velvet DaVinci in San Francisco. In Carmel,
look for Concepts. All these are within thirty minutes oif the Golden
Gate (on a ligfht traffic day)

Andy Cooperman