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[Jewelry attractions] nyc-metalwork

Yea, vincent, The metropolitan museum of art houses the most
incredible bronze vessels(circa.12th-10thBC), that have ever been
made. You might have seen them in books, but this collection is
really aweinspiring and meditative. The pattern designs and the
indepth detail that cover the whole vessel, along with the total
shapes of the pieces, keep me in that room for hours at a time

I’m sorry that this isn’t jewelry either, but the PETER BAIRD exibit
at the gallery at broome and west broadway is an awesome exibit. Will
freak you out, about africa and the animal trades,10’x10’ photos,
that can make you sick and change your life.


For artist-made jewels, check out “Julie; Artisan’s Gallery”, on
Madison Avenue in the sixties. Julie Schaffler Dale, the owner,
wrote the definitive and unsurpassed book on wearable art. Wonderful
source of jewels and inspiration.


Hi, everyone and Happy New Year! Actually the Artisan’s Gallery moved
North on Madison. If memory serves me they are in the low 80’s now,
probably Madison Avenue and 82nd Street. Just call Directory
Assistance when you arrive to get their address. And let me add,
don’t miss the small stores in SOHO, which is the area below Houston
Street and above Canal street in the downtown portion of Manhattan.

Enjoy your visit to New York!
Vera B.