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[Jewelry Attractions] London and Paris

Thank you Barb - I am going to London, Paris, Monet Gardensand
Versailles - anyone have suggestions - mainly enterested in Jewelry
and gardens any help would be appreciated - we are going from 10 Sept
untill October 1. Aileen Geddes

Aileen - DO NOT miss the fabulous jewelry collection in the British
Museum called The Waddesdon Bequest. I wandered in on it
unexpectedly and couldn’t leave the room until I’d seen every piece
(2 hours?), happily my husband understands this and left me to browse
while he checked out other collections.

In Paris there was a honeycomb of tiny underground shops selling
museum quality antique jewelry that kept me gasping. You expect to
see such pieces in a museum but when they’re in a shop window they
seem somehow more real; maybe because they are actually accessible
and not just on display. I’m sure it must have been the lower level
of the Louvre des Antiquaires between the Grand Louvre and the Palais
Royal; check out their website for a taste.

Have a great time exploring - there are plenty of jewelry attractions
in both cities.

Charleen Tyson Weigel