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[Jewelry attractions] Key West

Anything interesting going on in Key West or any of the Florida


Richard, Well, other people will probably give you some additional
input but last time I was in the Keys I visited Mel Fishers museum of
artifacts from the Atocha. Absolutely a must if you have a yen for
gold, silver and EMERALDS!!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

I live there! We’ve just had the big Aids Art Auction and, I’m
highly delighted with this, I donated a necklace. As I’m in the UK at
the moment my Mum called me this morning to say that it had fetched
over $1000.

Key Westers have such good Taste!
Tony Konrath

Check out:
Becky Thatcher Designs
425 Eaton Street
Key West
(off of Duval in the northern third)

There was also an article on Key West in the last issue of “American
Style” magazine which might be on their web site.

There are some nice galleries on Duval Street, a co-op gallery and
others. A good place to stroll if there are not hundreds of Harleys
roaring through the narrow streets(which happened to us).
Have fun, Regina