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[Jewelry Attractions] Kansas City and Alaska

I have two trips planned and would like to ask the “tour guides” in
our group for suggestions on sites of interest.

My husband’s business is taking us to Kansas City, Mo. in early May.
Any Galleries? Rock Shops? Suppliers? Schools?

In July, we’ll be headed for Alaska’s interior, including the Kenai
Peninsula, through Fairbanks and up to Barrow for a day. Same
questions apply here. Plus, I know I’ll love the scenic beauty but
where will the interesting details be found? Are there any native
materials available to purchase? If so, what am I looking for &
where can I find it?

Thanks to all you lovely orchids… Alice - in Wisconsin where the
elements seem to be fighting the coming of spring

Alice, The only rock shop in KC that I know of is Ace’s Rockshop in
the Westport shopping district. I stopped in while home for the
holidays. They have a good selection of used equiptment, metal (SS
sheet, wire, etc), tools, rough, slabs, specimens, fossils, etc.
Not a big place but worth visiting. They are good folks to work

I’m relatively new to Alaska and can’t give you any names off the
top of my head. I know there are two rockshops in Anchorage ,
several others in the vicinity. I’m pretty sure I read one of the
state’s biggest is in Fairbanks. Do an internet search and I"m sure
you will turn the up.

If you are in Southeast Alaska, I’d contact Gary McWilliams in Craig
(on Prince of Wales Island). He is the region’s “expert” and sells
alot of interesting material from Southeast Alaska.

Good Luck,
Chris Hanson
Ketchikan, AK

Alice, There is a very unique jewelry shop in Fairbanks. The name
was “The Nugget Shop” or something like that. They specialize in
gold nugget jewelry and had very little of other jewelry. In two
years living in the Interior I did not see much in the way of jewelry
(1992-1994). Most everyone in Interior Alaska is chasing gold and is
interested in the money from gold and not jewelry. Most of the state
is largely unexplored for There was a rockshop on the
main highway from Fairbanks to Valdez. Anchorage is the place I
would look because that is the main tourism area, other than Juneau.
Things change slowly in the Interior. Once you see the vastness of
the Interior you will be gripped more by nature than by desires for

Gerry Galarneau