Jewelry Attractions in The Orlando area

I find myself with an unexpected opportunity and not enough

I’ll be visiting Orlando, FL in a few days and would be interested
in seeing some neat galleries that feature handmade jewelry. I’m
particularly interested in places that show modern work. I might be
willing to travel about 150 to 200 miles from the Orlando area.

Additionally, a bold request: if anyone can offer an introduction to
a retail store or gallery owner interested in such work I would
appreciate it as I would like to establish a relationship if there is
a potential fit for my work.

For examples see:

For (collaborative) work featuring handmade lampworked beads: These might best be
offered where glass is a major focus.

I so much appreciate this forum and our still-growing community.
Thanks especially to Hanuman, Charles and Ton as well as those who
continue to make Ganoksin and Orchid available to all of us.

Pam Chott