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Jewelry Attractions in Munich

I’ll be in Munich next week for a couple of days. I know I have to
visit the Danner Rotunda at the new Pinacotheek for their jewelry
collection. Does anybody know of galleries specialized in Jewelry? Or
anything else I shouldn’t miss?

Thanks, Linda Savineau

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PS: Edith Schneider: I hope you have some “best hidden secret”
places to share…

Next to the Hotel Bayrischer Hof on Promenadenplatz there is a great
crafts gallery. They usually do special exhibitions as well as have
a large stock of german designer jewelry, of which they have some in
the shop window. Some of the small galleries in Schwabing might have
some jewely on show. Also in Schwabing on Hohenzollernstrasse there
is a nice jewelry shop selling interesting designs. The fine arts
academy have a jewelry program ( Otto Kuenzli) they might have
something on too.

Munich is a beatiful place to visit, even in winter; so enjoy!


In the town square there is a very old animated clock
(glochenspeil?) it use to be played twice a day, if I remember
correctly it is from the 1400’s. Check to see if the Inhorgenta is
going on …it is a large jewelry show.

mike w

Hello Mike,

the Inhorgenta is next month, from Feb. 25th to 28th. It is always
the last weekend in February and I’m going there every year. The
"Glockenspiel" (chime’s play) is at the Marienplatz and plays every
day at 11am and at 5pm. I am really looking forward going to Munich
right after the Philadelphia show…

Edith Schneider Jewelry
P.O.Box 52001
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 813 9755

Hello Linda,

you definitely should see “Isabella Hund” Gallery. She is a jeweler
herself and has her own work together with other excellent German
designers in her Gallery. Take a warm jacket and enjoy your stay,

Edith Schneider Jewelry
P.O.Box 52001
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 813 9755

Don’t forget Galerie Spectrum,Turkenstr.24 and have a look at their

Best regards