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[Jewelry Attractions] Greece, Turkey, Italy


Suggestions Please!. Also, Would like to hear from Peoples living in
the countries!. as to what to see other than the usual Tourist
sites!! and where to shop!. Thanks, Jim


Window shopping has a different connotation in Greece. If you can
afford to have a window display, you have to charge more for your
stuff. Price things in fancy places and buy from small shops that
have no window dressing…the price will be much better. If you are
buying lots of little souvenirs in one store, count them and don’t
let them wrap them. They are notorious for leaving a few out! I
can’t really comment on the other two though many years ago when I
was in Turkey, the Bazaar was a great place to shop in Istanbul, I
believe. You must see Top Kapi. You will never see jewelry like
that anywhere else. Eve