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[Jewelry Attractions] Europe

OK, once again on the subject of my trip to Western Europe with my
daughter next month… Would anyone like to point me to "must-see"
galleries, or other jewelry sights? I hope to line up a gallery or
three while I’m there, and, of course, I always like to look. Shows?
Fairs? Special museums? Any and all suggestions or other help are
warmly welcomed.


galleries, or other jewelry sights? I hope to line up a gallery or
three while I'm there, >  --Noel

*** Hello Noel,

One reason for not being answered is, I suppose, that ‘there’ in
Europe quit difficult to trace is. For example, I live in Maastricht,
the Netherlands and Paris is quit another world. Of course there are
some people who travel from one place to another, so maybe they will
now about all Europe. Maybe you can contact the different society’s of
goldsmiths. I can’t help you much, but in Amsterdam gallery ‘Ra’ is
the one with the special jewelry, and in Maastricht you find ‘Amarna’,
in Nijmegen there is also one (I can’t remember the name but the VVV
will know, ‘marzee’ or something like that). These are the gallery’s
with speciol design, there are also goldsmiths making very goor work
just in their own place. I don’t make much jewelry myself, working
with copper, some silver and especially enamel is my job, from 3 cm.
to nearly four meter. sometimes brooches, pendants and so on, but
mostly panels. At the moment I am working on a design in glass. Above
that I work as a graphic designer from time to time. So if you are
interested, you are welcome (my doughter is 17 years old and still at
school, but not living at home-maybe she could visit us) If you are
interested (Maastricht is a university town) contact me private -
@raboschmbbergkhbosch Marleen B.Berg

Dear Orchidians-- I’m no longer interested in mooching overnight stays
during my upcoming trip to western Europe–my daughter and I have
reserved a camper van for most of our stay. However, I would still
love to meet any Orchid folks who are interested. I won’t be bringing
much actual work, but should have a photo portfolio with me, and look
forward to some show-and-tell exchange. Also still interested in
suggestions for jewelry attractions in Britain, France, Benelux, Italy
or Switzerland. I’ll miss this forum while I’m gone!


Hi all, I’m back after a hiatus for a few years. I got so bogged
down with emails that I wasn’t getting any work done!

I’m leaving for London, Venice, Florence, and Rome, and points
inbetween, for the first time. Can any of you recommend places not
to be missed for either their tourist/artistic value, or for sources
of gems, chains, glass, etc.? Any tips on making wholesale
purchases abroad? I know, don’t bring any sharp tools back in my

Thanks in advance,
Ruth Shapiro, formerly known as “foxymom”

hi ruth as for london there`s the hatton garden area, which is the
main jewwelry district in london(chancery lane tube station). all
the retail jewelers are there as well as shops for tools
(Walsh&Sons), findings and gems (Holts is the most easily accessable
although there plenty of others). there is a brilliant gallery for
contemporary jewelery called Electrum Gallery (tube is Bond Street).
to name but a few… i hope you have a great time, italy will be
beautiful in spring! good luck katja

Hi, There is a great exhibition of Tiaras at the Victoria & Albert
Museum in London. I think it is on till July, if you can spare the
time do pop in.

I hope you enjoy your trip…
Helen Smith