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[Jewelry Attractions] England

Does anyone have names of any good shops/galleries in England? I
currently supply to Primavera in Cambridge which is excellent but I
need to sell some more! Much appreciated, Karen

I’ll be in England over New Year’s, either in Cirencester,
Gloucestershire or Felixstowe, Suffolk. Any galleries I must see in
the general areas? I’ll be visiting family but also expect to do a
little touring, perhaps to Bath or Wales, if staying in Ciren; not
sure where we’d roam if we end up in Suffolk. I tend to like to the
shingle beaches in Suffolk; not too sure about civilisation.

Cq, in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA.

Christine There is a good crafts gallery in Cirencester, which sells
jewellry - it is in a high quality crafts complex in the centre of
the town: I think it is called the brewery centre - I’m sure the
locals can direct you!

if you go up to london there is a ‘dazzle’ exhibition: of jewellry
and metal work (see - I went to one one last winter

  • and it had some superb work from about 80 contemporary jewellers
    and metalsmiths. It is being held in the Royal National Theatre
    until January 19th - this is not far from some intersting
    shops/galleries (one of which has stunning enammeled items) at the
    oxo tower, near the tate modern art gallery.

Hope you have a great trip

Christine, if you make it to Bath and you are into old jewelry and
artifacts you should go to the Roman Baths Museum. I went two years
ago, and they practically had to drag me out. Wonderful place if you
like the old stuff. I figure I can see the new stuff almost
anywhere. I often find inspiration in the “basics” of traditional