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[Jewelry attractions] Boston


Hi all. The 15th I’ll be headed to Boston with my husband for about
10 days and would appreciate hearing what is not to be missed -
galleries, activities, a museum or historical site. Though I’m not
into history this will be my first visit to the area and I’d like to
experience a bit of it.

If possible, I’d enjoy meeting any area Orchid-ites. Joe will be in
meetings Monday through Thursday and Friday A.M. and our plans
outside that are still in flux. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix


Hello Pam,

I visited Boston last summer and here are the things I found of
interest. Walk the “Freedom Trail”. It hits all the main
historical sites in town and you can pick it up on the Boston
Commons. Maps are available at your hotel or at tourist info on the
Commons. It’s a good hike around and through town and out to Bunker
Hill. You walk at your own pace, so you can stop as you want. I
didn’t go into Paul Revere’s house as it was really crowded. Oh
yes, the Trail is marked with colored bricks/paint on the
sidewalk… it took me a while to notice that! Duh. Website:

Plan on a tour of the Constitution (“Old Ironsides”)in the harbor,
but get there early as the last tour begins at 4:00 and group size
is limited. (Read, wait in line.) The same area has a retired WWII
destroyer (I think that’s the type of ship) that is open for folks
to wander about. I was awestruck to think of the number of men who
lived on that ship for months at a time while at sea. Website:

The harbor also has various tours and ferries that go to the islands
in the harbor. You can get off on an island, get back on the ferry,
and go to the next island. Get the schedule and be sure to meet a
ferry in time to get back to port. I spent most of my time on
Peddock Island. It has the abandoned buildings from a fort that was
intermittently in use since colonial times, most recently in WWII,
and it is interesting to see the bunkers, housing, etc. The island
is a park now and people can camp there, but there is no water or
food service. Website:

Of course there are museums, churches (I liked Old South Meeting
House), famous graves, and Cheers (if you’re a fan). Take good
walking shoes, a fanny pack or something you don’t mind carrying all
day, a water bottle, an umbrella, and sun protection. Funny, that
sounds like planning for Tucson :slight_smile:

Have a great time, and I hope your husband gets to see some of the
sights. Judy in Kansas, where the blister beetles are stripping my
tomato vines - curses upon them!!


Hi Pam,

Here’s a nice Boston day for you: Start at the corner of Charles and
Beacon Streets. There, you can fuel up with a coffee or a beer, a
muffin or an ice cream, depending on your personal taste, the
weather, etc. Then walk through the Public Gardens, following the
paved path. You’ll come out of the garden near Newbury Street. This
is the street with all the galleries on it. Two of interest for
jewelers are Quadrum (127) and The Society of Arts and Crafts (175).
After you’ve had your fill of Newbury Street and perhaps after lunch
(I recommend the Italian restaurants), then cut over two blocks to
Coply Station and get on an E train going “outbound”. Get off at
"Museum". There, you can see both the Museum of Fine Arts and the
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. If you only have time for one, then
I recommend the Gardner.

You pretty much have to go back into town on the E train again to
get anywhere, so do that, call it a day, and then the next, go to
Mobillia in Cambridge. Enjoy Your Trip!

p.s. If Quadrum happens to not be there, the rest is still worth
the trip. And they do have another location in Chestnut Hill (D line
or a car).


I am away until the 17th. Try giving a call after that
(617-354-4297) and I’d be happy to meet you. If you will be in town
on the 23rd, please plan to come to the dedication ceremony of the
new (and wonderful) Metalwerx studio. Call and you will get a ride
from one of us.

Sumner Silverman